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Designing the Future

Facilities Overview

N60 was created as a means to identify and actualize Information and Computing Technologies (ICT), all of which require the necessity of a world class Data Center as a foundation. As both an incubator of ideas and the architect, N60 is positioned to address the future by providing real  technology innovation for the global community. Check out what we are doing, planned for release early 3rd Quarter of 2020!

From cryptocurrencies to widely distributed trusted information sharing, blockchain is seen to be the next great paradigm shift rising out of the ICT world. Read about how N60 is meeting the challenge, and the services N60 can provide to any organization developing or using this technology.

Wireless N60 operates an advanced Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing high speed Internet and Telephony Services to remote and rural areas and communities. Our aim is to provide "Fiber through the Air" bandwidth, capable of supporting large content delivery, such as online streaming of video, to both fixed wireless locations as well as mobile devices. Check out our technology, and our current services as well as what we see as the future for wireless communications

Virtual Reality will fundamentally change how we interact with the technology in our world. From gaming to interactive communities and more, this field is in its infancy, discovering how and where this technology could be applied. VR N60 has gathered a project team to investigate current VR applications and to incubate new ideas and develop new exciting applications that will expand the experience.

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