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The New Era in Data Center Development


The first Data Center powered by Emissions-Free Hydrogen.

Utilizing the latest technology developed by our partner, US Hybrid, our data center is positioned to be the gold-plate standard of data center development, now and into the future


Situated in a stable seismic location, and far from other buildings, roadways, railways, or industry that could potentially disrupt operations.


High availability redundant, power, cooling and networking capabilities exist throughout the facility. Redundant power to each rack ensures stability, even under high server load.


Rock-solid building envelope, with multiple layers of physical security. Custom suites available for greater security and privacy requirements.


4000 sq.ft of fully supported whitespace available for immediate collocation services. Remaining space inside our building envelope allows us to flexibly and efficiently scale our operations.

We're implementing the latest technology.

Because we are largely a green-field data center, we are using this opportunity to implement the latest technology, and the benefits that accompany it.  For example; we will be installing Hydrogen Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (H-RUPS) systems, which ensure power is maintained when transitioning between electric power services through kinetic energy of a flywheel (on right.)

We're flexible.

We have the luxury of tailoring our service offerings to meet the specific requirements of each client. We have flexibility in offering a variety of floor plans, rack configurations, and rack density. Our future halls can be configured in a variety of ways, offering private suites and partitioning for added privacy and protection. Without compromise: we have the right fit; we can adapt to your needs; and grow with your business. We’re up for any challenge, and we encourage you to get in touch to discuss and explore your specific requirements.

We've got one eye on the long term.

We have a vision for growth, and by offering and delivering the highest level of service and support we intend on earning your trust to be your long-term data center partner.  With the potential to expand our current capabilities four times over inside our existing facility, and building additional data centers in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we see no limits to the opportunities we have for serving your needs now and in the future.

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