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Our mandate:  Deliver the highest quality services and support to our clients at a compelling cost advantage.

We are driven to ensure our clients receive the best possible solution for their business needs. We tailor our services to each client’s needs and situation, providing flexible and cost-effective alternatives to your data center requirements.

Security and Monitoring

Our team of on-site network engineers and professional security staff monitor our data center 24/7/365 continually ensuring secure and reliable access with high availability and uptime.

Service Level Agreements

We offer a variety of Service Level Agreements to meet your specific operational requirements.

Sales and Support

Our team can help meet your implementation and support requirements. Demands for server density, computational power, storage and IOPS can all be accommodated and optimized to your business and application specific requirements.

Remote Assistance

We can provide you the remote hands to assist your IT team with any adds, moves, changes you may need to make during the course of normal operation. We provide proactive support for hot swap of storage drives and blade servers ensuring uninterrupted performance and high availability.

VM Service and Support

We provide service and support for VMWare, and Microsoft Hypervisor, supporting the server virtualization under the SLA in both active-active, or active-passive high availability clusters.

Network Optimization

Our network engineers can assist your team with optimizing the network through N+1 top of rack and end of row switching fabric designs. As well we offer through multi-path and/or multi-telecom demark Internet interconnects.

Cloud Services

We support hybrid cloud deployments with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This allows our clients greater flexibility with more options to meet your business requirements.

Disaster Management (In Colocation)

In the event your primary data center incurs a catastrophic failure or outage, we can respond quickly by promoting your colocation services up to primary thereby restoring business continuity.

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