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Our Partners Help Build Our Success

We consider our partners an integral part of the team, and proudly showcase their accomplishments and acknowledge them for their continued support.

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman

Many cities are being labelled as ‘smart’. Generally, this means that the city authority has a strategic approach to the integration of data and digital technologies, in their attempt to meet the key challenges associated with the relationship between the digital future and their urban environment.

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman, Founder and visionary behind P3 Smart City. P3SmartCity invests, develops, owns and operates smart city solutions, structuring Public Private Partnerships (PPP) around smart infrastructure with local, state and federal governments. Presently, he is also the Chairman at PVBLIC Foundation and on the board of PSAG, SDG-Fund at the United Nations, Imperative Fund, and SmartCities NY.

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For more background on P3 SmartCity Partners and the SmartCity concept, click on the graphic below for Sergio Fernandez de Cordova's article for Huffington Post.

We at THYNGS view that working with cities as an improvement for the IoT trend, and as an opportunity to develop innovative methods to improving everyday life in different fields, such as energy, automotive, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, retail, entertainment and even financial services.

As the new paradigm of Multi-network SIM cards is rapidly evolving, and real-time communication between things can simplify our everyday life, the time is now to embrace a secure mechanism to scale the IoT economy.


Powering the Future of

Transportation Today

US Hybrid specializes in designing and manufacturing power conversion systems for medium and heavy-duty electric, hybrid and fuel cell commercial buses and trucks.

Leveraging expertise from our world-class team of engineers, designers and management, we provide data-backed solutions in electric and hybrid vehicle systems and components, allowing our customers to achieve more reliable, responsive, fuel-efficient and lower emissions operations.

Our products and services include integrated motor drives, DC-DC power conversions and high-performance AC motors and controllers. We utilize integrated digital signal processor power converter topologies to provide reliable and cost-effective system solutions for OEM applications.

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