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Our capital is experience.

We believe in having the best talent for the job. Our world class at-home operational team is supported by a number of international partners, who are continuing to build the Five Nine brand in the United States and across Europe.

Jason Lucas


Having worked as a trader on Wall Street, Jason has an instinct for business and investment opportunities.  Jason has been instrumental in structuring business and investment opportunities with First Nations in land development, oil and gas development, and gaming and casino development. 


Jason brings his network and years of business development experience to new opportunities for Five Nine. As a member of the Moosomin First Nations, Jason’s strong ties to the First Nations communities in Canada, USA, and internationally is a strong catalyst in forging new business opportunity and economic development with First Nations communities.

William "Bill" Jones


Bill has extensive systems integration engineering and business experience having founded and operated an international consulting business in Canada, USA, and in the Caribbean.  He has operated data centers serving his clientele of governments, legal services, international banks, and the financial community in both the Turks and Caicos as well as operating as an ISP on the island of Curaçao.

Bill has provided IT consulting services to large commercial and residential real estate holdings, and shopping centers in Canada and the USA.  He has extensive experience in delivering IT services to the Oil and Gas, and mineral exploration community.

Robert Klebanov


Jeremiah Bitsui


Rob's passion for advanced networking has led him through an extensive career with telecommunication providers, commercial and retail industry, consulting services, and  the oil and gas industry.


From one of the largest retail malls in the world to a massive oil sands project extracting 450000 barrels/day and from hazardous waste treatment facilities to massive, remote data centers, Rob's unique talent and ability have been instrumental in maintaining  some of the most  complex networking systems in the region, the life blood of any modern businesses.

Jeremiah's diverse business background ranges from construction management to investment banking provides for an eclectic skill set.  Navigating through traverse Native lands or into the international business community, the goal is always to provide value and quality. Jeremiah has established a career as actor having worked in films with directors Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, Jim Sheraton, and starring in Robert Redford executive produced Drunktown’s Finest. He is most noted for his performance in the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad.  


At age 19 his first business was recognized and endorsed by the All Indian Pueblo Council for a National training program for Government service based and programs. In a 5-year span as CEO of Bitco, he has lead the company in $50+ million in project management/construction management, and in 2013 he was featured in Hispanic Executive for his continued business endeavors and celebrated for his continuous work in both industries. Currently, Jeremiah is completing of one the largest federal ARRA funded project in the US.  

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